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Did you know?

Some Common Breastfeeding Myths Are...........

     -Because it is "natural", breastfeeding should come naturally         

    -Small breasts won't make enough milk                                               

     -You can't take medications while breastfeeding                               

     -You shouldn't breastfeed if you're sick                                               

     -If my mom wasn't able to make enough milk, then I won't make enough either                                    

     -All newborns should be on a feeding schedule

     -Nipple pain is normal in the beginning

     -Breastfeeding causes breasts to sag

     -Some babies just don't like to breastfeed

     -You need to toughen your nipples before breastfeeding


*Breastfeeding is natural, but it can be difficult in the beginning, as you and your baby are learning together. Breast size and other family members experiences do not have much to do with milk supply, since your body responds to your baby's needs. This makes it very important to feed frequently and on demand. Breastfeeding should never be painful.....if it is, reach out and get help asap. Pregnancy hormones which are responsible for changes in your body, can cause sagging breasts, but not breastfeeding. Most medications are compatible with breastfeeding.....please check with your IBCLC regarding specific medications. Breastfeeding when you are sick provides necessary antibodies for your baby to fight against that specific illness. All babies are biologically designed to breastfeed, and prefer to be close to their mothers, over any other feeding method. Sign up for my class to learn more!!!

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